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Just a Sip

March 2, 2010

Just a Sip, originally uploaded by Warren Raquel Photography.

For today’s 365 shot I decided to try and do a controlled studio shot. I set up an elevated sheet of plexiglass in front of a white foam board. I used a snooted SB-600 zoomed to 85mm right beneath the glass and a blue gelled and diffused SB-600 pointing at the foam board to the rear.

I wasn’t too thrilled with the results and this was the best of the bunch. You can still see a lot of dust on the glass and I’m not really happy with the light bouncing off the glass. I should have gelled it to a color like red. I’ll make a mental note for next time.


Hometown Proud

March 1, 2010

Hometown Proud, originally uploaded by Warren Raquel Photography.

I headed out to the grocery store tonight to get some ingredients for a dessert. Each time I go there I see this giant American flag flying over the store. Tonight I decided to pull out my camera and snap a shot as the wind was lifting it away from its tower.

It was a pretty calm night with a bite in the air but still none-the-less. A nice reminder of where I live, the freedoms I have and the blessings in my life.

Alumni Center

February 28, 2010

Alumni Center, originally uploaded by Warren Raquel Photography.

This is the Helene Gateway and the Alice Campbell Alumni Center. I didn’t have to do much editing to this picture. It was already well exposed, I only added some contrast to deepen some of the colors.


February 27, 2010

Jaboticaba, originally uploaded by Warren Raquel Photography.

This Jaboticaba tree grows in the Plant Biology Conservatory on the University of Illinois Urbana campus. Soon fruits will be growing from the buds forming on the trunk of the tree. This is picture 11 of my picture-a-day project.

Campus Birch

February 26, 2010

Campus Birch, originally uploaded by Warren Raquel Photography.

This river birch stands on the shores of the Boneyard just across the bridge from Engineering Hall. I tried to deepen the colors in this photo and added a little bit of vignetting.

This is picture 10 of my 365 day project. I just have to do this 36.5 more times. That seems like so much. 🙂

Flamingo Flower

February 25, 2010

Flamingo Flower, originally uploaded by Warren Raquel Photography.

During my visit to the Plant Biology Conservatory, these Flamingo Flowers really stood out, especially with their bright red colors. Using a circular polarizer I was able to reduce the reflected light and bring out the details on the leaves. In Lightroom I desaturated all but the red tones.

Conservatory Orchid

February 24, 2010

Conservatory Orchid, originally uploaded by WarDog’s Eye.

Are you sick of the cold weather? I took a picture of this little flower over lunch today over at the Plant Biology Conservatory. The best part was being able to walk there from the Spice Box underground and only being outside for maybe 20 feet.